Our first system is fully subscribed!🎉 

Get notified when next project goes live →

Our first system is fully subscribed! 🎉 Get notified when next project goes live →

Biscuits Subscribed


Power Delivered

6.8 Mwh

Credits Generated


Running Since


100% Reserved

Project Pioneer

Bangalore, India

This project is hosted on a residential space in RT Nagar.

Project Size: 5kW

Monthly Production: ~ 300 kWh

System Lifespan: 20 years

100% Biscuits reserved

10 watts

Biscuit Capacity

0 Biscuits

Available Reserve


72 cell

Polycrystalline PV

Waree Energies


72 cell

Polycrystalline PV

Waree Energies

Installing solar panels on your roof can be hard

Roof installations are quite messy. Inadequate or shaded roofs, hurdles in permits and the high cost of setup has made solar inaccessible for many. 

With Digital Solar, get access to solar panels hosted online

Biscuits are an effortless way to join a shared solar project. You can monitor and keep track of your panels from your dashboard.

For Hosts

Partner for Power

Got some sunny roof space?
Commercial  buildings can now plug into clean energy with no setup costs and save up on their power bills. 

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