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Cosmos 145

Installed by Waaree Energies

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About the Project

This community solar project in Karnataka delivers clean power to Akshaykalpa Organic, the very first certified organic dairy farm in India. This is also our first zero-export solar project, by which the power generated is consumed locally; making it resilient to any grid outages and improving utilization of power.

Every unit (kWh) from this project discounts ₹5.15 off your power bill



145.00 KW

Reservation Status

44% Reserved

Operational Validity

Oct 2038



Tax Free
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Host IdentificationOct 2022

Hosting site survey and Host financials vetting completed.

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Project BuiltOct 2023

Project constructed and installed.

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Integrated with platformJan 2024

Project Activation and Integration of project monitoring services.

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Project Open for ReservationJan 2024

This digital solar project is open for reserving capacity.

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