Fully baked idea

We install solar systems at our partnering host sites

We install solar systems at our partnering host sites

Select the number of Biscuits you need from the system

Hosts pay for the power and the billing is made into credits

Use credits from the dashboard to offset your power bill

Solar far away brought close

Manage your biscuits and credits all from a simplified dashboard.

The dashboard shows an overview of the power generated from your biscuits and the credits received. From here you can use your credits, add biscuits and more.

Biscuits are designed not just to be hassle-free, but worry-free as well.

Host partner vetting

We select hosts after auditing their payment history & power use pattern

Security deposit

Hosts put in a security deposit so you get credits even in case of any issues

Depreciation based refund

Get a refund if you want to unlink from the SundayGrids platform

Interim buffer system

While in system maintenance, backup panels keep Biscuits active

Power Monitoring

Find how your biscuits are operating in real time in your dashboard

Performance tied profits

Our revenue is structured in a way that prioritises system health for all.

Sign up and we'll do the heavy lifting 

Now you can skip all the tedious planning and installation as well as the headache of long term maintenance and jump straight into savings from day one.

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