Solar over the internet

Save up on power bills with Digital Solar
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Needs no installation

No obtrusive structures on roof

Go solar instantly

3 mins, not the usual 3 months

Maximise Savings

Offsets at tax-free 11.5% XIRR

Skip the hassles of rooftop installation

Digital solar isn’t like rooftop solar; It doesn't supply power directly to your home, instead, you receive credits to offset your power bill.

These credits are transferred online, enabling you to access solar from places with excellent sunshine regardless of where you are.

Zero hassles

Monthly checks and cleaning by us

No added costs

No operational charges on you

Diversify your solar

Reserve from multiple projects

Digital Solar is 43% affordable than rooftop solar

reserve solar
Join a solar project

Reserve solar you need to offset your monthly power bill from an active project. You get credits for the power produced from your reserved solar panels.

1 credit = ₹1 offset on power bill

Visible no matter where

Monitor your solar in real-time

Shift houses, keep solar

Use credits on any power bill

No additional permits

No paperwork required

Check if Digital Solar is available for your utility

Forecast your savings

an image of project soho 195

Soho 195

Operational Until 2039

Every unit of electricity from this project generates ₹5.2 discount on your power bill

Choose savings range (%)

Your monthly savings


Reserved Solar


Produced /Mo

--- kWh

Annual Savings


15 Year Savings


Reservation Fee

Get Started for Free

More for less

Cost drops as projects are bigger

Tax-free returns

Discounts on power are not taxed

Exit anytime

Return your solar & get a refund

Reserving solar is 30% better than fixed deposits

Connecting people, power and planet

700.51 KW

Digital Solar Installed

11,77,762.37 KWh

Clean Energy Delivered


Credits Generated

10,59,986.13 Kgs

Carbon Avoided

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Solar ≠ Rooftops

“ Solar power is abundant but not very accessible. But now with SundayGrids, I pay for a part of my power bill without having to install panels by myself. No hassles, no fossils."

the better india
Sandeep, customer since 2020
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Solar over the internet

Tapped into solar power produced miles away to pay for energy with panels mounted on sites across India. ”A digital platform is a win-win situation”

Suraj, customer since 2021

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