Introducing Biscuits

Savings from solar beyond your roof

Use solar credits to save up on your power bill.

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"Installing solar panels on the roof is not an option for us because we live in an apartment"

Inadequate or shaded roofs, hurdles in permits and the high cost to entry has made solar inaccessible for many. In India alone, only 10% of the projected capacity has been built.

Space is Sparse

Beyond Boundaries

Instead of panels on your roof, you can get access

to portions of it that are hosted elsewhere.

These portions are called Biscuits.

Slash your Bills

Use credits from Biscuits to offset your power bills.

Hosting partners pay for power they use from the panels. This amount is credited back to your SundayGrids dashboard, where you can use it to reduce your power bills.

Calculate Offsets

Plan your credits

Step 1

Measure against your power bill

Enter your monthly power bill to compare the reductions you can make by linking with SundayGrids.

You can change the data in this section according to your needs

Current Bill




Select Biscuits

Offset Bill

Monthly power usage

Enter your current Bill

Power used


200 Kwh

National average price: ₹ 6 per unit


Savings from solar simplified

With Biscuits, now you can get the benefits of going solar, all without the hassle of having to install anything

One tap access

Fluid ownership

No threshold limiting

Long term stability

Real-time data

Affordable entry cost

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