Building new ways to make clean energy reach everybody

Rooftop solar has seen dismal traction due to the high barrier to entry along with technical and policy complexity. We realized that for wider adoption, they need to be affordable and easier to get.

Roll out Plan

Beta Release

Launch Biscuits of a small-scale power system to a limited group

Host Integration

Introduce control and monitoring tools 

for industrial-scale hosts 

Public Launch

Tell your grandpa about it! Open for business to all

Ideas we are exploring

These are some of the challenges we are excited to work on.

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Providing clean energy to places where

renewables are inaccessible

Many of our urban spaces are not appropriate for the installation of on-site renewable energy generation. Taller buildings act as wind barricades and cast long shadows to photovoltaics for optimal function. Moreover many residential and commercial spaces exist within compact vertically stacked buildings, making panel installation nearly inaccessible.

Scaling up energy generation within limited spaces

Solar farms are mostly built in barren and wasteland areas, a land feature that is not uniformly spread everywhere. These utilities prefer to be installed close to a substation, which are close to community settlements thus conflicting land owners; whether to set up solar farms or to maintain agriculture.

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