Hosting for Business

Enroll as a Host to install solar at your firm with zero upfront cost

Businesses can now switch to solar without locking in capital for their energy needs and begin saving up on power from day one by subscribing to solar.

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Why Subscribe to Solar

A pay-for-use model works better for most businesses looking to go solar. Learn more from the comparison below.

  • Subscriptionlogo
    Solar by SundayGrids

    Pay a fixed tariff and own the system after 15 years at no cost

  • Savings:Save from day one

    Pay lesser than regular tariff, hence savings from day one.

  • Maintenance:₹0

    System performance is ensured and immediately addressed

  • Replacements:₹0

    Inverter replacement is managed by SundayGrids

  • No hidden costs, pay only for power used

    Permits & approvals managed by SundayGrids and partners

    System Purchased by You

    Pay upfront and purchase a solar system from a solar installer

  • Savings:5-6 Years

    Savings begin after system cost reaches breakeven

  • Maintenance:On you

    Typically 2% of the project cost goes to maintaining and cleaning the panels

  • Replacements:On you

    Cost of inverter replacement is on you

  • Responsibility of financing the project is on the buyer

    The risk of an underperforming system is on the buyer

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Calculate Your Savings

Cut power cost for 15 years, pay nothing later

Bill paid to utility
Bill paid to SG
Estimated Monthly Savings

After 15 years, the system is transferred to you at no cost. At which point, you save ~ 100% of your monthly power bill.

Perks of Hosting with SundayGrids

Fixed Solar Tariff

Cost of power is fixed for the enitre lock-in period.

Digital Monitoring

Get real-time information on the power produced.

24/7 Help & Support

Our experts are here to help with system hosting & maintenance

Annual Cleaning

Our experts will ensure that your system is spick & span

Refundable Security Deposit

We charge a nominal security deposit which is refundable.

Zero-Cost Transfer

The system is yours after the lock-in period

blue quotes
Lower your power expenses

“ From shopping malls to schools, hospitals and industrial hubs, sites hosting the panels are billed for the solar power produced on their premises, which still works out cheaper than conventional grid electricity ”

thomson reuters
14th Mar, 2022
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Solar at no cost

“ Got some sunny roof space? Commercial buildings can now plug into clean energy with no setup costs and save up on their power bills ”

business standard
31st Jan, 2022

Know more about hosting

What does hosting mean?
What kind of panels will be used for installation?
After transfer of system, how many years of free use of system can I expect?

Sign up and we'll do the heavy-lifting

Skip on the hassles and jump straight into savings on power by subscribing to solar. Enroll now to see if your space is a good fit for hosting.