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Go solar from anywhere with zero installation 

Get clean energy credits to offset your power bills with digital solar.

Getting started with Digital Solar

1. One tap access

Choose the number of Biscuits you need to offset your power bills.

2. Get clean energy credits

You get energy credits for every unit of power generated from your Biscuits.

3. Save on power bills

Add those credits to your electricity bill and only pay the balance, if any.

Reserve now for a fully refundable ₹20 per Biscuit and avail the offer when the next system launches later this quarter.

Get a 100% offset on your first power bill when we launch.
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No. of Biscuits

Add Monthly Bill (₹)

₹ 35

Monthly Credits

--% of bill


₹ 8400

Full Term Credits

6.0 kWh

Power Produced

₹ 3000

Purchase Cost

₹ 6/kWh

Solar Credit Rate

Enter your bill below and use the slider to calculate the Biscuits you need.

Enter your bill below and use the slider to calculate the Biscuits you need.

Reserve now

Reserve 50 Biscuits now for ₹1000

05 Biscuits generates around ₹2345 credits during its lifespan and offsets 290 kgs of CO2

Plan your credits

Solar far away brought near in your dashboard

Manage your Biscuits and credits from a simplified dashboard.

The dashboard displays an overview of the power generated from your Biscuits and the credits received. 

Check out our reference dashboard below.

Use credits from Biscuits to offset your power bills

When your monthly power bill is due, add credits from the available balance in your dashboard to your power bill and only pay the remainder, if any.

Get Biscuits and join us in powering our communities with clean energy.

"With SG, its really simple to go solar. For me, all it took was perhaps three clicks and within the first five minutes in the dashboard, my Biscuits began generating power!"


Digital Marketer

"Solar power is abundant but not very accessible. But now with SG, my Biscuits pay for a part of my power bill without having to install panels by myself.

No hassles, no fossils." 


Software Engineer

Digital Solar makes it easy to reduce your power bill without the hassles of installing panels on your roof.

With Digital Solar, access portions of panels on a solar plant that is hosted online to avail energy credits.

These portions of a panel are called Biscuits


your location:

host site: Bangalore




6188.9 kWh

Clean energy


₹ 37,133

Energy credits