Owning Biscuits

Each Biscuit lasts for twenty years from the date of release. This is decided through factors such as longevity of the panels and typical hosting durations.

How much money do Biscuits make annually?

As per our current unit economics, for every Biscuit priced at ₹650, typical annual returns are around 14%; which for the duration of 20 years, that would put a total of 280% return on investment. Ofcourse, this depends on the power generated, which we have taken the lower limit into consideration, a full sun-day (get it?) can bring in higher than estimated returns.

What is the role of SundayGrids?

SundayGrids connect with hosting partners and install the system according to their requirements. Depending on the system capacity, we release biscuits on the platform and manage the registry. We also take care of the operations and maintenance ensuring maximum output from the system.

What happens when Biscuits need servicing or replacement?

In the odd scenario such as damage to panels, a hosting partner moving or closing down, we will transfer the biscuit tokens to the next hosting project thus keeping your biscuits up and running. In case a new project is not available, we will refund in accordance to the time period of project exit.

Can I add or cancel my Biscuits?

You can add Biscuits and activate it whenever possible, and it will be accounted for in your quarterly returns. In the unfortunate circumstance of deactivating and cancelling your Biscuits, we would transfer the ownership to another new user, and you will be eligible for a refund depending on the time period of withdrawal.

What's a Biscuit?

Imagine buying a portion of large farmland. You get money out of selling the harvest from your part of the farm. Similarly, Biscuits are portions of a large solar array. You get money from selling power that your portion of the solar panel creates

What do you mean by 'a portion of the solar panel'?

Biscuits are portioned off by their rate of returns. This is fixed by design, so that regardless of the system configuration every biscuit anybody owns has the same rate of returns. What this means from a hardware perspective is that the overall cost of modules and systems is taken into consideration and divided such that it is equitable for all.

Where are the solar panels installed?

Using Biscuits, we host panel systems for businesses, who want to shift to clean and cheap power, at their spaces. They are billed for the power at lower than grid tariff rates.

What do I get when I buy a biscuit?

The revenue from billing power to the hosting partners is divided up according to the number of biscuits present in that system. When you own a Biscuit, you get a share of that bill. You can monitor the power generation of your Biscuit and your revenue from a dashboard on our platform.

Then who gets the power?

The partnering businesses whose space on which we are hosting the system. We look out for hosts like hospitals and factories, who usually use up the entire power generated and have large areas and certain favourable residential spaces