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Cut the cord and simplify

Credits can be transferred digitally unlike direct power that requires a wired output.

The advantage of solar credits over direct power is that your panels no longer have to be limited within your physical space.

Get credits for your power

We host the panels at offices and residential spaces with ample sunlight and you get solar credits for the power they use from your Biscuits to power their buildings.

Link your utility account

Add your utility account details to your dashboard, you can choose from any of the 70+ electricity providers operating in India onto the platform to transfer credits from your Biscuits.

Add credits to power bill

When a bill is received from the utility, add credits from the available balance to your power bill and only pay the remainder, if any.


Popular payment methods such as UPI, card transfers etc. are available.

Point and tap to pay with the new BillCard.

Get your BillCard to automate your billing process. Just scan the QR code with your phone to fast forward the payment.

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