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Our Story

This was a problem we personally faced; We loved the idea of going solar, but nearly all of us lived in rented apartments, so we had no access to install on the roof. Moreover, most of us moved across cities quite frequently, and so solar just seemed like something that could work out only if you settled in and had a way to finance the whole system.

SundayGrids began taking shape in 2020 with the goal to enable everyone to participate and push climate action forward through the accessibility and scale of digital tools.

Our Partners

Social Alpha is an initiative by Tata Trusts to promote socially relevant innovations and entrepreneurship with a mission to create large scale sustainable social impact, in association with the Government of India and a number of academic, philanthropic and corporate partnerships.

IIM-Bangalore's NSRCEL Launchpad brings together startups, industry mentors, eminent academicians from its parent institution with programs specifically catering to entrepreneurs with profit ventures and social ventures.

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Build Together

We are just getting started; Some of the challenges we are excited to work on are how to solve for trust on the network, develop better carbon accounting, integrate circular supply chains, avoid panels ending up in landfills and many more. Often these large problems are better solved together and we would like to hear your ideas.

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